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Mainland company setup in UAE is not a piece of cake. You definitely will need an expert to guide you through whole process and help you to gather all required documentations.
We at EBMS, help you to move step by step towards your successful Mainland company formation. First of all you need to register your company’s name. We will help you in all documentations procedure. You will be asked to pay onetime fee and it is valid for six months.
After registering your company’s Trade Name, you initial approval and lease agreement needed to be made. Again you don’t have to be worried when an expert team from EBMS is available to help. For this purpose you need to pay for the space or location you want for your company. Prices vary according to the specific location.
Here all required and important documents are enlisted usually one needs to provide in order to get registered and to activate the business.

Power of Attorney

You need to provide Power of Attorney attested by Notary. This document will allow us to make legal decisions on your and the shareholder’s behalf, so that we will be able to start and deal with whole process easily.

Passport Copies

Manager of the company would be asked to provide his resume and the shareholder and manager both will need to provide their passports copies.

Personal Information

The manager of the company and the shareholder can be asked to provide few of personal information.


A Memorandum of Association attested by Notary is mandatory.

Board Determination

A Board Determination is needed that must be attested by Notary.

Documentation of Registration

Your already existed company needs license or certificate of incorporation Notarized by UAE Embassy.

You need an authorized company registration agent or professional business consultants in UAE to guide you through the whole process. EBMS provides you comprehensive range of services from getting registered to fully functional stage of your Business. Give your fate a chance and try to explore easy and efficient way of business startup with our professional business services providing staff.

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