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Pro services meaning

The legal or government documents and paperwork process related activities are called pro services. Registration process for a company, visa related all issues and others are the part of Pro services.
If you are willing to setup a company in UAE, you need this service. The question is, why does your company need a Pro service? Answer is simple and clear. Pro service is the basic legal need and requirement of the company and the employees. A professional Pro service will lead you towards a successful formation of the company without delaying and any hassle.

Pro services UAE

You want to work legally and freely in UAE. You need a residence visa with a valid work permit. Both the requirements can fulfill the need of your bank account in UAE and the Emirates ID.
The famous Pro services in UAE are pro services for family visa Abu Dhabi, pro services for family visa Dubai, corporate pro services, and residence visa services Dubai.
EBMS proudly and gladly welcome you to meet the finest and leading business support providers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and whole UAE. We offer you the best Pro services ever in a very cost effective manner.

EBMS offers best Pro services in UAE

We show our best by helping companies and individuals with a big range of Pro services. Here is the list of the requirements for Pro services in UAE”
  • Residence and Employment visa
Residency and Employment visas are not your problem anymore. We are here with some magical expertise to make it possible for you.
  • Labour card and Immigration card
We are well aware to sort this issue out for you. Provide your all documents, sit back and watch our fast and efficient PRO service.
  • Family visas
Now you can stay with your family without any hassle and complexities in UAE. We will do this job for you smoothly.
  • Investors’ visas
Good news for the investors. No more questions and doubts about the visa process.
  • Emirates ID card
A very important document to move and activate the company freely in UAE is Emirates ID card and we are definitely making this very easy for you.
  • Offshore passes
Offshore company formation is one of the trickiest options to take. EBMS makes it simple for you.
  • Licence renewals and updates
The most confusing part is license renewal or update process. When you have EBMS, nothing is to worry about.
  • NOC letters and approvals
Attesting Legal documents from Notary and other approvals like NOC letters etc are effortlessly attainable.

How can we (EBMS) help you?

Experience speaks itself
We have an infinite and endless list of companies established and activated by our experts in UAE. We did not only form mother companies but also help the branches of the companies and representative offices to come into a successful shape in entire UAE.
EBMS is fully equipped to handle all necessary legal processes for Pro services. EBMS has successfully established the strong professional bonding with the government authorities and other professionals to provide the best PRO services to its clients.
EBMS considers and treats you as an individual task and helps your company personally through the whole process. We take great care of your business requirements and make sure that you are going to get the best out of it.
We offer a comprehensive PRO service for the foreign investors that are professional business persons but still cannot handle the complex governmental issues and are not able to deal with the documentations.


You need an authorized company registration agent or professional business consultants in UAE to guide you through the whole process. EBMS provides you comprehensive range of services from getting registered to fully functional stage of your Business. Give your fate a chance and try to explore easy and efficient way of business startup with our professional business services providing staff.



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